What the heck is an Introspection Guide? And who said I could be one?

Great questions. Thanks for asking.

Evidently, I've been fascinated with questions since I was 5 years old. That year for Christmas, my mother bought me a book called "Tell Me Why." In my late 20s, I remember attending a couple of workshops about questions. In one, the speaker said that we don't have the answers that we seek because we are asking the wrong questions. In the other, the speaker said we taught as small children to stop asking so many questions - mostly because it bothers adults. So as we grow up, our question muscles don't get much practice.

Those statements stuck with me.

Fast forward a few years (about 10) and, shortly after entering my second (current) marriage, I realized there was a lot we needed to know about each other. In the process, I also realized there was a lot I needed to know about myself. Together, he and I began planning a workshop called BYEA - Before You Even Ask (or Answer). It was geared toward giving couples questions they should consider before asking or answering the marriage proposal.

In 2013, I had the infamous Aha! experience. Before we could get better at a relationship with someone else, we had to develop the relationship with ourselves. This prompted the question - Would I Marry Me?

That question soon lead to a world of questions and I realized I had a passion for helping us (Tracie included) ask ourselves questions that we might not often ask.

So, why an Introspection Guide? And not a "life coach"? Aren't you doing the same thing?

As an educator, I prefer the "guide on the side" rather than the "sage on the stage" approach to learning. I hold the belief that although I may help guide you toward the questions, the answers are within you. I want you to learn to hear and respond to your own inner voice - which will always lead in a better direction than some random outer voice.