Why #biglifequestions?

#littlelifequestions are our everyday way of life. They help us navigate our day to day existence. Isn't it time we allow ourselves to dig a little deeper? How will we be our best selves if we don't set aside time to get to know ourselves in a way that makes us appreciate ourselves more?

If you had a friend who never asked you questions, how long would you be friends?


Let's, you and I together, look at how to build better relationships from the inside out. The other relationships in our lives begin to flourish when we improve the relationship with ourselves.

Wondering what that even looks like, or how to begin? Let me help.

I promise I won't bite. But I might push (a little.)

The process is quite simple once you get the hang of it, but sometimes we need a little one-on-one help.


Andrea http://agirlfrommontrose.com
Tracie is always engaging, thought provoking, and her group meetings and questions are, in a nutshell, FUN. The discussions and take aways always leave me wanting for more time to go even deeper. Yet, I never leave her group discussions feeling as though something is lacking, but hopeful and excited for the next one. I cannot recommend this woman enough!