The Key to Better Relationships

We’re conditioned in our culture to work on – cherish – chase – and long for – relationships with other people. And I would never tell you that interpersonal relationships are unimportant. HOWEVER – the one piece of advice that seems to be lacking is -

Here’s that key I promised you –

The one thing that seems to be lacking is our relationships with ourselves.

We start young learning how to make other people happy so that we can protect our external relationships. For some of us, it began with our parents, then maybe siblings, playground friends, teachers, employers, a love interest . . .

We seek external validation so we morph and change based on what’s necessary to please the people in our lives. We take our cues on behavior and feelings and beliefs from the people around us.

When do we stop and focus on our own feelings, needs, desires and beliefs? When do we check in with ourselves to discover our motivations – our Why?

My why is YOU. The reason I do the work I do is because I want to help you deepen the relationship you have with yourself by asking yourself better questions. The work I do is designed to offer you structured, purposeful time to dedicate to self-discovery.

I deal in big life questions because we spend way too much energy already answering little life questions.

I started off only offering group sessions, but because of the deeply personal nature of the work, realized it would be more beneficial to my students to offer a one-on-one deep dive into your big life questions and help you realize your own, specific, big life answers.

In our one on one session I will:

  • Walk you through self-discovery exercises
  • Help shape some big life questions based on your life stories
  • Challenge you to develop deeper questions for yourself
  • Share a practical tool for daily introspection